Richard Gnall

Software and Utilities

Image Processing and Design
IrfanView – Free
Graphic viewer for Windows operating systems. Useful for viewing, cropping and resampling most image data types. Supports video as well.
Screenshot Captor – Donationware
Capture windows and other screen objects. Includes tools for editing and annotating captured images.
Cool Ruler – Free
Resizable ruler which can be used to line up on-screen objects and make pixel based measurements.
CrossHair – Free
Displays a crosshair which either tracks the mouse cursor or can be fixed in place. Crosshair width and transparency can be varied, but only one crosshair at a time can be displayed.
File Management
ISO Recorder – Free
Create and burn ISO images from either CD/DVDs or the content of disk folders. Different versions exist for XP SP1, XP SP2 and Vista. DVD support is Vista only. MSDN recommended. Functions as a Windows Explorer extension.
ViceVersa – $
Synchronize the files and folders stored on a flash drive with those stored on a PC's hard drive.
System Control
Macro Express – $
Create or record mouse and keyboard macros. A great timesaver.
Tray It! – Free
Minimize open applications to the System Tray to free up space in the Windows Taskbar. Full support for XP, partial support for W7.
Startup Control Panel – Free
Control which programs run when the computer starts up.
Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP – Free
Tweak UI and other XP add-ons from Microsoft. I use it to speed up XP's menu system and change the default folders for common applications, as well as making other modifications to XP.
NetMeter – Free
Monitor incoming and outgoing data traffic through a PC's NIC (Network Interface Card).