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Browser and OS Detection
This page uses JavaScript to report information about your web browser and operating system. Results for other configurations are also given.
Browser Statistics
Links to websites which report current statistics regarding the relative popularity of browsers, operating systems, and display resolutions of Internet users.
Practice converting 8-bit binary numbers to decimal. User can select how many ones and zeroes there are in the binary number.
PC version of popular children's game. Written in Visual Basic.
C++ related software, tutorial, books and websites.
Computer User Groups and Resources
List of Connecticut Computer User Groups and other local computer resources.
Connecticut Arts & Music
Museums, galleries and music venues in Connecticut.
Contact Richard Gnall
Browser based email form and direct email address.
Custom Course Search
Instructions for creating a custom course search webpage.
DHTML Bouncing Ball Demo
JavaScript animation demonstration with a discussion of Windows ' 98 related DHTML speed limitations.
Home page for this website.
Kinematics (.pdf 46KB)
Review sheet for basic 1-dimensional kinematic equations.
Networking and System Administration
Hardware, software and books related to network and system administration.
New Jersey Arts & Music
Museums, galleries and music venues in New Jersey.
PC version of marble pick-up game. Written in C++.
Photonics 230 – Laser Electronics
Photonics 230 is a required course in the Photonics Engineering Technology program at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, CT.
Physics 110 – Introductory Physics
Physics 110 is a one semester survey course covering a wide range of topics including measurements and unit systems, laws of motion, momentum and energy conservation, properties of matter, temperature and heat, and electricity and magnetism.
Publications - Photonics Technology
Personal research papers - Photonic Integrated Circuits.
Python related software, tutorial, books and websites.
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This page.
Software & Utilities
Software & utilities to enhance your XP experience (mostly free).
Web Design Resources
Tutorials, FAQs, books, references, organizations, search engine positioning, code validation, software, and browsers.
Website statistics for Administrative use only.