Richard Gnall

Custom Connecticut Community College Course Search Web Page

This page describes a custom version of the Course Search web page:

    Custom Course Search

which can be used in place of the version provided by the system office:

    CCC Course Search

A more specific custom version with math, physics, engineering and various computer technology subjects preselected can be found here:

    Custom Course Search Technical

As can be seen below, the custom version (second screen shot) improves upon the system office version (first screen shot) in several ways:

System Office Version

Custom Version (PC)

Custom Version (iPad)
Subject List Caveat
It's possible that the subject list may be missing a few subjects which have been recently added to the CCC system. The custom version of the Course Search web page is manually created - the list of subjects is static and is therefore only updated on an occasional basis. However, the system office version of the Course Search web page is dynamically created and will always have the most current list of subjects.

If you find that a subject is missing, please notify me at .
Local Access
As an alternative to accessing the custom Course Search web page via the Internet, it is possible to download and store a local copy of the web page on your desktop or laptop computer. Accessing a locally stored copy of the course search web page speeds up the process of conducting a search.

A locally stored version also has the added advantage of allowing one to preselect subjects which are of recurring interest. An example of a version of the custom course search web page with ten technical subjects pre-selected, which I also store locally on my desktop, can be found here:

    Course Search - Technical

As with the online version, the same caveat applies. Occasionally the system office will remove old subject areas from and add new subject areas to the list of subjects. If the html file stored locally is not updated on a regular basis, then the subject list may be missing subjects or contain discontinued subjects. It is the responsibility of the user to periodically check to see whether the subject list has changed and update the locally stored html file accordingly.

Local Access Instructions
This section explains how to install a local copy of the custom course search web page and preselect specific subjects, the term and/or the college.

Download the following zip file which contains a single .htm file and several css files. Unzip all of the files into a single folder located somewhere on your hard drive, such as the desktop or My Documents. Load the .htm file into your browser and bookmark it for future reference. If you move the folder containing the files, you will need to recreate the bookmark. (~16KB)